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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has one of the highest per capita consumption of fragrances in the world and Saudi Arabians are known for their sophisticated usage of fragrances as a part of their daily ritual. The layering of complementary fragrances to create a personal signature is an art form in the country.


As an initiative to appreciate fragrance consumers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a consortium of reputable retailers of international fragrances in the Kingdom established the International Group of Luxury Fragrances. The Group is dedicated to enriching the olfactory experience with a deeper understanding of international fragrances. The International Group of Luxury Fragrances is supported by well-known members of the perfume world with longstanding expertise in international fragrances gleaned across many markets, married to a deep local sensitivity from their base in Saudi Arabia. Their cross-cultural skills are focused on educating and communicating on the values and practices of international fragrances.

The initiative is also supported by Michael Edwards, an internationally well-known authority on fragrances. Michael Edwards single-handedly created the superb classification of fragrances by grouping them with the Fragrance Wheel, the tool that is used to classify every fragrance that is launched. He also compiled the famous Fragrances of the World, an international best-seller and reference catalogue for the perfume industry. On this website, begin your sensorial journey to the world of international fragrances, assisted by the Fragrance Wheel. You will discover the sophistication, the elegance and the variety of essences that will enrich not only your understanding of international fragrances but also realize your personal favourites.

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