Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards has become a fragrance phenomenon, an ambassador for the world of perfumery. Fragrance consumes him. "It is my passion, my life," he says.

He is the author of both Fragrances of the World and Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances, the cult book that opened a secret world. For the first time, perfumers spoke openly about their creations and the sources of their inspiration.

Edwards has become the perfume experts’ expert. In the last thirty years, he has classified and matched more fragrances than anyone else, bar none, in the history of perfumery.

Critic Luca Turin calls him the ‘Linnaeus of perfume’, describing his Fragrances of the World guidebooks and databank as "the only comprehensive, historically accurate, factually reliable and artistically consistent database of fragrance in existence."

Now, on this site, Edwards shares his expertise with you, to help you discover a world of new perfumes to enjoy.

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